Scott Stillman

"There is magic in stillness. That place where all thought stops, and only beauty remains."

Pure potential unfolds right before my eyes. I’m locked into the now. My mind settles into a state of absolute awe, where the past no longer matters, and future doesn’t even exist.
Some would call my experience meditation, but the word itself I find too distracting. If meditation is something you do, then this is quite the opposite. There is no trying here. No doing. Only sitting, observing, stillness, and splendor. I drift on the waves of a mountain breeze, in the vapor of a floating cloud, upon the wings of a soaring hawk. Energy buzzes through my every cell.
Meditation. One word, so difficult to define. Is it to do or not to do? Latch on to or let go? Are there rules? To properly meditate, must we sit still in a full lotus position, must we do yoga, or attend church? What about fishing? Can fishing be meditation? How about swimming, baking, tennis, golf?
Perhaps meditation is simply anything we do with our full attention, full awareness, full heart. Anywhere we find truth, or love. Something we do, not to be the fastest, or the best, or to win a prize, or to make a lot of money, but simply because we love it. Whatever it may be.

Buddha Statue at Peace Park in Sedona, AZ

Barkley Sound, Vancouver Island, BC

Oregon Coast

Stanley Lake, ID

Village Creek headed towards The Salmon River, ID

Sunset on The Gulf of Mexico, FL

Amitabha Stupa at Peace Park in Sedona, AZ

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