Wiser than the sky.

Capitol Reef

Capitol Reef National Park.  ”The Last Night”

They say wisdom comes with age.    Then who is wiser than the sky?  With its thunder storms, clouds, stars, and sunsets.  Who is wiser than the desert rocks?  These monoliths of stone witnessing it all. Over the millenia.  For within this stillness is an all knowingness.  A wisdom so profound that it is beyond words.  An understanding that is so pure and simple it cannot be explained.  Cannot be taught.  Cannot be grasped by the human mind.  Only felt.  And when this wisdom is tapped into, there is a switch that happens inside you.  A kind of reversal.  The mind, normally controlling everything, takes a back seat.  And the soul, normally tucked far away in the background of your awareness, pops way out front.  Like a domesticated wolf that has just been returned to the wild.  And there is this moment.  When the wolf remembers.  Remembers his true nature.  Pauses for a moment.  And then goes bounding off into the wild.  Never looking back.  And I sit here.  With a trembling hand.  And a tear in my eye.  And I know.  Without a doubt.  Who I am.


Thanks for following me on this beautiful and deeply personal journey.

~Scott Stillman


Wiser than the sky. — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for taking me into another beautiful place and on your fantastic journey. I look forward to each new journal entry. Lois

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