Uncompaghre Wilderness Part 2

“The Flirtiness Of Flowers”

Hiking through cascading waterfalls of flowers of every conceivable color and shape, I can’t help but reflect upon how feminine and sensual flowers really are.  It’s no wonder girls love flowers so much.  And it’s no wonder wild flowers remind me of girls.

They are the ultimate symbol of beauty.  It’s amazing how no two flowers are truly alike.  Focusing on the Columbine for instance.  They are all beautiful in their own way but they have so many different personalities.  The ones that stand out first of course are the ones that appear to be absolutely perfect.  Picture perfect.  Not a flaw to be found.  They are easy to pick out of a bunch.  Sensual and voluptuous, they stop you dead in your tracks.  You can’t stare too long for fear of being ashamed of gawking at these angels of perfection.

Then there are the flirty flowers.  The ones you can’t help but go to.  They beacon you from afar, drawing you in.  You hate to leave.  So you say, “until next time. . .”  making sure the flower doesn’t forget you.

Then there are the intriguingly different flowers.  Imperfectly perfect.  You don’t quite understand them, but you want to.  The beauty seems to be emanating from within.  From some mysterious place that you want a part of.  You walk away glancing over your shoulder for just one more look.

They are all beautiful and I am forever hopelessly attracted to them.  The wild ones.  Not the prissy, all-too-perfect flowers in a vase at the local florist, but the ones who are free flowing.  Free growing.  Dripping with morning dew.  Wild girls.  Wild flowers.  Wild beauty.


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