Truck Camper Solar

Our Truck Camper Solar Setup

One of the most important features of our truck camper setup is our solar system.  This keeps our battery charged so that we don’t have to rely on camping at campgrounds to enjoy the amenities such as pressurized water for showers and faucets, heater, lights, and last but definitely not least the stereo system!  Our solar panel also charges our Ipod, laptop, camera, you name it.  We can stay “off the grid” for as long as we like.  Or at least as long as our food supply holds out.

After hours of extensive research, I decided to purchase our setup from Jeff at  Jeff is extremely knowledgeable about solar.  He is passionate about his mission of eliminating noisy, smelly, generators from the camper scene.  With the right solar setup, these obnoxious beasts are no longer needed.  I instantly related to Jeff’s quest.  There is nothing worse than waking up to the pristine desert silence of the Utah desert only to have it completely ruined by your neighbor’s generator kicking on.  We decided to become part of the solution.

In the overwhelming world of solar, Jeff was able to easily assess my specific needs and sell us the panel and controller we needed.  We went with the Zamp Solar 100 Watt Panel with 30 Amp controller.  In addition to this, we ordered a 35mm rocker mount foot set with tilt bars from Amsolar.  These allowed us to tilt or remove the panel.

Truck Camper Solar

The above photo shows the panel mounted at the front of the cabover area of our truck camper. Notice the rocker feet that allow the panel to easily be removed tool free.  A quick disconnect allows the panel to be completely disconnected for use as a portable unit.

Truck Camper Solar 2


Truck Camper Solar 3

This is our Zamp 30amp charge controller.  It is conveniently located close to the battery and inside the camper where we can monitor the condition of the battery and the number of amps per hour our solar panel is generating.  In peak sun, it generates over 5 amps per hour.  More than we could ever use.  This photo was taken at 8:30 am with the sun low in the sky on a cloudy day.  Still generating 1.2 amps.  Enough to keep the battery at peak level.

Truck Camper Solar 4

Truck Camper Solar 5

The above photos show the 2nd quick connect under the battery compartment.  We installed this so that the panel can be used as a portable unit outside the truck camper.  This way the truck camper can be parked in the shade with the panel in the sun.  Also in the winter months when the sun is very low in the sky the panel can be positioned to directly face the sun as it moves across the sky.  I suspect/hope that we will not need to use these extra features, but they were inexpensive to install and could really come in handy if needed.

I am happy to answer questions any of you may have about our solar setup here on this blog.  We will be using it daily during our year on the road.  You can also give Jeff a call at at 1-888-406-9891 and he will gladly spend the time educating you about solar.




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