The Winter Sermon

desert moon

The wind has finally stopped.  A chill in the air.  The smell of Winter.  November.  A time of change.  Reflection.  A stripping away.  Exposed once again.  Stop to listen.  Stop to smell.  Just stop.  And a Profound Greatness hangs on the cool air.  We can choose to cling on to the memories and long days of summer, or we can just let it fall away.  Like leaves in the wind.

In just two days, I will sneak off once again into the desert hills.  Leaving summer behind.  In search of this Profound Greatness.  To bask in its stillness.  And become stripped bare.  Exposed to the rock.  The sky.  The low hanging sun.  The cold moon.

The Winter Sermon.  The Church of Mother Nature.  The Gateway to the Soul.  Time to take a vow of silence.  And awareness.  A time to listen.  Really listen.  To the infinite.  To the mystery.  And to wait.  Wait in anticipation for what’s to come.  And witness the great unfolding of the day.  The dazzling show of light and shadow.  Earth and Sky.

Yes.  The time has come.


- Scott Stillman

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