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scott stillman

“There is magic in stillness. Those places that contain that deafening silence where all thought stops. That place where we all come from, and will all return. I’ve found this place during my many solo travels deep into the mountains and deserts. This blog is a celebration of free and unspoiled Wilderness.  That church of mother nature where time stops and only beauty remains.”

– Scott Stillman

Scott and his wife Valerie live in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado where he travels and writes as often as possible.  He knows his personal legend is to travel to the beautiful places of the world and to write about them so that others may understand the importance of Unspoiled Wilderness and the joy and enlightenment that it can bring.


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  1. Hi Scott,

    You so kindly sent me a CD of the FLOW: Compassion Meditation. Long story truck got totaled out and I got a new to me vehicle. When I saw it has a CD player I thought GREAT!! I can take my favorite CD on the road with me. Um..ya..its on the road with me alright stuck in the CD player and wont play! lol I was wanting to know if I could purchase another one as I really like the CD. I listen to it a lot on the computer but also like to play it in my stero.

    Thank you,

    Ludi Barrs

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