Windstorm: Robbers Roost Canyon Part 2

Robbers Roost Canyon 2

Robbers Roost Canyon part 2


Today the wind got stronger.  Whatever direction I headed didn’t seem to matter, I was always heading into it. The windstorm became a sandstorm, stinging my face while I walked.  My muscles ached and my body and mind were exhausted.  Where to camp in a place like this?  In my bewilderment, I finally find shelter in a grove of cottonwoods.  Not completely out of the wind, but at least out of the blowing sand.  A big improvement.  Now I sit, waiting for the wind to fade, as it always seems to do at night.  Let’s hope it’s one of those nights.

The windy days have been brutal.  The hiking awkward and laborious.  Deep sand grabs at my feet, robbing me of energy.  But I march on.  For the scenery is grandeur.  And the nights, magnificent.  Each night, the wind stops, creating blissful evenings full of magic.  A mystical calm fills the canyon.  A welcome break from the turmoil of the day.  Indeed, the nights have been the best part of this trip.  This I find to be a reversal of the norm.  Nights in the backcountry can be long and cold.  A time for cooking, cleaning, eating, and sleep.  Not here. When the wind stops, and the stars come out, it’s as if I’ve awaken from a dream.  I stay up late into the evening stoking the fire and watching the moon light up the canyon walls as it passes over my canyon.  When it finally hits me, I am bathed in a warmth felt deeply within my soul.  Yes.  It’s the nights that I will remember most about Robbers Roost.

Things seem much sweeter when paired with their opposite.  A warm sunny day in February.  A cool summer night.  An overdue vacation after a busy period at work.  We need the Yin to enjoy the Yang.  It’s important to remember that everything is working perfectly according to plan.  But we need to keep things in balance, making sure we don’t have too much Yin and not enough Yang.  Or vice versa.  Otherwise, we may need to make a change.  If this wind doesn’t let up soon, I’m gettin’ the hell out of here!

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