Ode to my Corolla


Ode to my Corolla.

The Toyota Corolla is the best car.  If anyone ever had a doubt.  I’ve had mine now for eight years.  I usually refer to her as my “truck”.  For she can easily haul two 15′ sea kayaks, paddles and gear, mountain bike, full size cooler, two large storage bins full of camp gear and food, clothes, folding chairs, inflatable stand up paddle board and paddle, water jugs, backpacks, and more.

Loaded down like this, she has reliably taken me on road trips (as long as 2 months long) leading me to places far off the beaten path.  Over highways (getting 30mpg), back roads, jeep roads (4WD recommended), over slickrock, and through creeks, snow, ice, rain, hail, wind, and desert heat.  Rock crawling in low gear with air conditioner blowing, stereo blaring, engine revving, and tires spinning to that trailhead back of beyond.

She’s always gotten me where I’ve needed to go.  Never a breakdown.  Never gotten me stuck (for very long).  And never a major repair.  I’ve had her for 200,000 miles and have only replaced brakes (many times), tires (many times), oil (every 3,000 miles), spark plugs and wires, and fluids.  The engine purrs like she’s brand new.  An amazing vehicle and a low cost, highly efficient,  off-road- machine.





Ode to my Corolla — 6 Comments

  1. Ahhh, the truck. She’s been good to us. Funny you wrote about this today….I spent some time this morning cleaning the interior – reminding her of very loved and cared for she is! Where to next!?!? ;-)

  2. I really feel like Toyota should make an offroad AWD version of the corolla. I’ve always felt that corolla owners like a practical daily driver, with an adventurous spirit. Thanks for sharing

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