Set sail into the open sea of life: Living in a Truck Camper.

Living in a Truck Camper

Living in a Truck Camper

Photo: Sawtooth Mountain Range.  Outside Stanley, Idaho

July, 2014

What would you do if you were given $200,000 to do anything you want with?  The answer to this question lies your true calling.  Your dream.  At least this was the exercise my wife and I were playing along with a friend who had just returned from Spain and was staying with us for a while.  My answer came quickly.  Well of course I would travel.  But the game doesn’t end there.  This game required specifics.  Travel where?  How?  For how long.  Why?  Hmmm.  I thought about it some more.  So much to choose from.  There are many places I’d like to see.  Many countries I’d love to visit.  How about the French Polynesia?  The Maldives.  New Zealand.  Patagonia.  Chile.  Spain.  Italy.  I could go on and on.  It’s an incredible planet we live in.  I’d love to see it all.  But where to start?  And what about America?  I live here and have not seen but a fragment of my own country.  Many places are within a day’s drive and I’ve never even seen them.  And we live on the most diverse continent on the planet.  Complete with spectacular mountain ranges.  Desert mazes of red rock canyons.  White sand beaches.  Lush rainforests.  And more rivers, lakes, creeks, seeps, hanging gardens, lagoons, caves, and forests than you could possibly see in a lifetime.  All accessible by car.  Just hop in, turn the key, and drive!  But that’s not all.  On this continent, you can also follow the weather.  Heading north to the high country in summer.  South to the deserts and beaches in winter.  Migration, like the birds.  A nomad.  Free.  Yes.  This is what I would do if I was given $200,000.

Well, it’s 6 months later and still no one has given me $200,000 do anything I want with.  But I have sold my house.  I’ve quit my job.  Purchased a truck camper(with money earned renting our spare bedrooms on Airbnb).  And I’m debt free with enough proceeds from the sale of my house to live modestly on the road for a year.  It’s amazing where a little intention can get you!

So we have taken the leap.  Interrupted our routine.  Set sail into the open sea of life.  Into the mystery.  Our lives an adventure.  Our future unwritten.  Each day a spontaneous fulfillment of desire.  There is a plan.  A rough layout.  Trails highlighted on maps.  Notes scribbled in earmarked guide books.  But it’s loose.  Subject to change.  It all depends on our moods.  The weather.  The scenery.  People we meet along the way.  And the journey is open-ended.  With no definitive timeline.  Six months?  A year?  2 years?  20?  Could be.  But probably not.  Who knows.  Life is uncertain.  So why live like it is?

So for now, it’s life on the road.  Living in a truck camper.  Kayaks on top.  Mountain bikes in the rear.  Backpacking gear, maps, guidebooks, clothes, food and all the necessities stowed neatly away.  We are a tiny, solar-powered home on wheels.  Chuggin’ down the highway.  In pursuit of love, happiness, and beauty.

~Scott Stillman

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Set sail into the open sea of life: Living in a Truck Camper. — 10 Comments

  1. My heart is exploding with joy for the two of you! Play safe, never stop dreaming and keep living in the moment.

  2. Oh, what fun! I am so glad that you two are having this wonderful experience.

    I will enjoy vicariously with you through your blog posts. Keep ‘em coming!

  3. Talk about “Livin’ the Dream.” I’m very proud of both of you for making your own way and following your dreams. And what a great dream it is! I know that this year will be enlightening for you and that it will show you the next obvious path for you to take when your year is up.

    You are both an inspiration to those of us who are still looking to achieve our dreams. Even moreso for those of us who still don’t even know what our dream is.

    Take care, stay safe, love and prayers coming your way.

    For now,
    Steve Kemper

  4. I love your writing style! Looking forward to enjoying your adventures through your blog. FYI, I worked with Val at Dragontree. She shared this idea with me months ago and I am so happy it has happened! Enjoy!

  5. Good luck! Enjoy what the open road has to offer. Will look forward to your posts.
    Love, happiness and a peaceful journey.

  6. On the road again…just can’t wait to see all the places you two will see this year.
    We will get to enjoy America with your words and photos.
    Happy trails!

  7. Good luck on your adventure. Judy and I hope everything works as you have planned. Hope to see you at the end or when you can make it back to Cincy.

  8. Thank you all for your wonderful comments and support. We feel very blessed that so many of our dear friends and relatives (one and the same really), are interested enough in our travels to want to follow along with us on this blog. We have already taken many incredible photos and there are many blog posts to come. I just need to take the time to type them here! But I look forward to sharing our experiences with you all. It will be a great year indeed.

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