Last Post from the Road.


This was the final post written during our year-long road trip in 2015.

The days come and go like the pages of a book.  It’s late April, the day before my 42nd birthday.   Ten months on the road and it all seems like a long, decadent dream.  I’ve fallen gracefully into the natural rhythm of myself.  I wake when I awake.  I go to sleep when I’m tired.  The stars greet me each evening like old friends.  I’m in tune with them and they are in tune with me.  I don’t know why this is so important, but it is.  Knowing the phases of the moon, the orientation of Venus, Ursa Major, Pleiades, and Orion, allows me to feel part of the universe, not separate from it.  In the mornings, I wake slowly, watching the sun come up over the canyons, back of beyond, over the hills, mountains, and plains.  With soft music flowing from our camper, I sip my tea and allow myself time to slip from one dreamworld into another.  Sometimes I cannot tell which is which, or if it even matters.

How will this all change when I transition back into the “real world?”  I’m not even sure which one is real anymore.  Will I be able to bring this peace back with me?  Back into the busy world of schedules, deadlines, payments, commitments, and obligations?  Will I remain part of the flow of the universe, or quickly become immersed in the hustle and bustle of city life, feeling myself separate once again?  Time will tell.

Staying in the flow is the key.  Remaining in touch with my body, the moon, the stars, sunrise, sunset, and remembering, knowing, that all is me.  And that the crystal clear waters of these desert canyons still flow, even while I am not here to witness them.  That the phases of the moon still take place.  That the constellations and the planets still make their journey across the night sky.  And that I only have to stop, look up, and look around, to see that everything, absolutely everything is beautiful.


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