HWY 1: North of Fort Bragg

Fort Bragg

HWY 1: North of Fort Bragg

The waves keep coming in.  One after another.  Traveling thousands of miles to get here.  Looking out over the blue horizon, I ponder the vast wilderness of the Pacific Ocean that lies before me.  Sea, sand, and sun.  It’s another world to me.

We arrived here this morning after spending the night in a deep, dark redwood forest.  Now we cannot seem to get ourselves to leave.  We’re seated on small grassy bluff overlooking miles upon miles of rocky shoreline.  Granite pinnacles and spires line the rugged coast and the waves keep coming in.

Ribbons of perfect rollers, one after another, just keep coming in.  There is no one else on this rugged section of HWY 1 this fine Monday morning.  The only sounds we hear are the waves.  The occasional cry of a seagull.  And more waves.

A fine mist floats in from the coast, providing constant moisture for hillsides of velvety green grass and dripping ferns, all glowing in the late morning sun.    The air temperature a perfect 72 degrees.  And the waves just keep coming in.

How long to stay at a place like this when there is no schedule.  No obligations of any sort.  No timelines.  An hour?  A week?  But thinking about it at all seems absurd, even vulgar.  We’ll stay until we leave, and that’s that.

“A million dollar view”, I say to Valerie.

“Priceless”, she says back to me.

Agreed.  I cannot think of the finest hotel in California that could offer a view more perfect than this one.

A vulture soars high above the shoreline, but parallel to us on our bluff.  From our perch, our terrace above the sea, we can hear the swoosh of wings as this magnificent bird flies by at eye level, not 10 feet away.  Over and over, he buzzes our perch.  Moments later, a flock of black and white pelicans cruise by.  Nine of them altogether, in single file line, headed up north I to some secret fishing spot, I suspect.  And the waves keep coming in.

Our eyes start to get heavy as the sounds of the ocean become all-consuming.  The outgoing tide seems to be taking with it all of our thoughts and cares.  What little we had to begin with.  A soft ocean breeze brings in the salty scents of the sea.  And the waves keep coming in.  And the waves keep coming in. . .



HWY 1: North of Fort Bragg — 2 Comments

  1. I would sit there for weeks too. The only thing better is go fishing , catch a nice fish but ALWAYS put the fish back in the water. If everyone could just sit and listen to the ocean there would be a lot less stress in the world. Enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the ocean

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