Freedom Is. . .


Freedom Is. . .

Sitting in the sparkling high desert with the endless horizon stretching out to all sides and the freedom to walk in any direction.  My future unwritten.

A freedom so pure that I can taste it, smell it, hear it, feel it in my bones.

This freedom is only temporary.  For until I can survive off the land such as the raven, the gecko, or the band of wild burros I see before me on the horizon, I am still bound to the world of money, and will have to go back to work once again.  But the impermanence of the situation only makes it sweeter.  I chose this freedom.  It was not handed to me.  I didn’t stumble into it.  No.  Freedom doesn’t just come knocking at your door like some long lost cousin, you must go and find it.  You must unravel your life.  Derail your routine.  Step outside of the great machine sneak out the back door.  Into the blinding light.  Into pure potential.  Pure possibility.  And take a step forward.  Not looking back.  Soon the bewildering blinding light begins to lose its harshness as your eyes begin to focus.  And you find yourself being born again, into a new world.  One you had forgotten existed.

It’s a beautiful planet we live on.

Go out and see it NOW.

Before it’s too late.



Freedom Is. . . — 1 Comment

  1. Just returned from the lake for an afternoon walk with my friend and her dogs and I get confirmation from you in my mailbox, “Go NOW.”
    I look forward to your writings. Your emotion comes through loud and clear to me. And at the risk of sounding redundant…you are such an inspiration.
    Whenever you do have to return to the “world of commerce” I truly hope that you find a way to exploit your passion and continue pursuing your dreams

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