Deep into the Wilderness of Music


Phish @ Dicks, Commerce City, CO 8/30, 8/31, 9/1/2013

No other band lights up my soul and sets me flying like Phish. A musical orgasm that climaxes over and over for three hours.  That’s how I would describe a Phish show.  Musical Tantra.  Gordon’s bass warms up my belly, Page’s keys tickle my heart, Trey’s guitar sends me flying, and Fish’s drums keep me dancing through it all.  What more do you really want in a concert experience?  A celebration of being alive.  Of being eternally young.  Of being able to feel love, joy, ecstasy.  So extremely important.  We must have ecstasy in our lives!  On a regular basis.  The sounds.  The textures.  They remind me of everything beautiful in my life.  My one true love, Valerie.  Mountains.  Snow.  Rainbows.  Friends.  Family.  My cat Tela.  All swirling through my kaleidoscopic mind.  I look around, I only see me.  23,000 people dancing on my lawn.  I only see me.  I look at Trey.  It’s me.  Playing the note only I would have played at that exact perfect moment.  It pierces my heart.  It’s ripped to shreds.  I surrender completely.  I think I may scream.  I do.  So do the people around me.  I dance my wildest dance.  The space around me seems to open up, as it always does when the music gets just right.  How does this happen?  Only moments ago, my space was cramped and awkward.  Now everyone moves and dances freely.  Phish plays Chalkdust Torture.  23 minutes of gooey deliciousness.

Can I live while I’m young.

Can I live while I’m young.

Gotta live while I’m young!!!


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