Dad’s Lake, Wind River Range, WY


Wind River Range, WY Part 1

This place reminds me of Norway.

Dad’s Lake is quite the large lake dotted with little islands covered with green grasses and trees. This is not your typical round alpine lake.  There are inlets, coves, nooks, crannies, lagoons, and channels.  The backdrop is adorned with immense jagged peaks and low-lying clouds of deep gray.  But the sun is shining through, as large patches of deep blue frequently pass by.  A few colorful tents dot the shoreline and anglers cast their lines for trout.

This is a happy place in the mountains.  A welcome sight after an initial climb from the trailhead through a pine forest consisting largely of beatle-kill.  Yes, the scenery does matter, as it affects the overall vibe of the forest.  Death vs life.  Vibrant green vs decaying brown.  As I walked through the falling and fallen beatle-kill trees, my mind was not at ease.  As much as I would try, my thoughts would shift to the negative.  Incessant thoughts.  A longing for something better.  My gait slow and tired.

But Dad’s Lake!!  This is a vibrant place!  My mind now buzzing with excitement.  Adrenalin coursing through my veins.  I’m filling with energy, emotion, love.  The incessant thoughts are gone.  And in their place. . .Peace.  Gratitude.  An overall knowingness that life is perfect.  As it should be.

The weather.  The clouds.  Everything is in constant change.  Anything could happen at any moment.  A thunderstorm could roll in at a moments notice.  Rain.  Hail.  Snow.  Crystalline blue sky stillness.  All possible.  I welcome any and all of it.  I’m out here for 6 days.  Once again on spiritual solo.  Through the Wind River Range.  One of the most spectacular in the Rockies.

My camera, I’ve left back at the car.  I plan to capture this place’s beauty with words.  I will attempt to prove that although a picture may be worth a thousand words, words on a page can capture what an infinite number of photos cannot.  Not just a still image.  But the moving, breathing, living soul of this place.  The “feel” of this majestic wonderland.  Not just her captivating beauty, but her message.  Her mere reason for existence.

I do love her for her beauty.  For she has a beauty beyond comprehension.  A perfection so intoxicating.  An innocence so powerful.  I’m left instantly weak in the knees.  Speechless. Incapable of expressing my love, my infatuation, my devotion.  But beyond her beauty, lies the most spiritual, most profound presence that I know of on this Earth.

And this is why I’ve come.

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~Scott Stillman




Dad’s Lake, Wind River Range, WY — 2 Comments

  1. You have succeeded to remind me of similar moments and feelings in my own travels. Hard to keep in the front of my mind but impossible to forget. Thanks

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