Coyote Gulch, Utah part 2

Coyote Gulch

Coyote Gulch, UT part 2

Evening.  This canyon is alive.  Teeming with life.  Deer stroll.  Frogs croak.  As the light starts to fade, the bats come out, diving at mosquitos.  There are exotic moths, the size of hummingbirds.  Then darkness.  Strange echoes bouncing off the walls of the canyon.  Crickets.  Voices in the gurgling stream.  Rustling trees.  More frogs.  Dreams…

Morning.  The happiest of canyons!  A mystical quality here rings with life.  Rings with love.  Rings with happiness!  My own eyes sparkle clear and blue.  My breathing is easy and effortless.  Heart full, mind at ease.  A buzzing energy runs through my body and through everything around me.  A special kind of energy that only occurs when chaos and anarchy reach absolute perfection.  Millions of years of wind, water, and erosion have created a sandstone masterpiece at this exact pinpoint of time in evolution, and I happen to be alive to enjoy it!  How lucky am I!  How incredulous is it that the birds, the animals, the fish, trees, planets, Valerie and I, that we are all here, at this most crucial moment in time, to witness such an event as this heaven on Earth.  The search is over.  I have arrived.

We are born searching.  Many of us, anyhow.  We are born searching for God.  Searching for Truth.  Those of you who have experienced that desperate longing deep down inside of you know what I am speaking of.  We are always searching.  Searching for something that we want so desperately, but cannot name.  Here that searching is gone.  So completely gone that the mere idea of it suggests madness.  Insanity.

What is this primal wisdom that prevails deep within the fissures and folds of the Earth.  It is here, for all of us to learn from.  The wisdom of truth that has existed long before the human race.  And a truth that will exist long after we have gone.  There is much to learn.  So much to learn.  It is all here.  Deep within the rock.  Away from the noise and pollution of our cities of concrete and steel.  Away from the mindless chatter of incessant thought.  Away from the madness of modern society.  Her message is very clear, and not one of gloom and doom, but rather one of hope.  Hope that the possibility still exists for global enlightenment.  We are so close, and have been for some time.  A simple flicking on of a light switch is all that is required.  Nothing will have changed, but everything will be different.  Going on about our daily lives we will continue to eat, sleep, work, and play, only with a new perspective.  The perspective of God.


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