Fun is Awesome: Cedar Mesa, UT Part 5

Cedar Mesa 7

Fun Is Awesome: Cedar Mesa Part 5

As I awaken from my desert slumber, I realize now, that my decision is clear.  Rather than hike out the way that I came, I will continue down an unknown canyon, which should lead, hopefully leads, must lead out to the main road where I can hitch a ride 30 miles back to my truck.  Certainly the more adventurous route.  Certainly the one with more scenery.  And more scenery equals more fun.  Besides, I’m already 2 miles into this side canyon and turning around has never been a great option for me.  As I hike on, I realize that this side canyon is perhaps even more beautiful, more remote, more exquisite than the main one.  But I’ve seen more than I can possibly remember.  My dreams will surely be filled with swirling sandstone, cliff dwellings, and petroglyphs.  It all resides in my memory banks somewhere.  Memories like these are the ones that make up my life.  And the more I step out of my routine, the more memories I get.

I love creating my life.  A work of art in progress.  I have no regrets.  If I regret anything, it’s not doing more.  But I’m not done yet.  I’m 41 years old, almost 42, and I’ve lived a life beyond any dream or expectation I ever had as a child.  Perhaps this is because I never really had any expectations.  Except simply to have fun.  And fun is awesome!  Any time I have a decision to make, I base my decision on what would be the most fun.  He who has the most fun wins!  When I die, I want my eulogy to be this. . .”This guy knew how to have fun!  Here is what he did. . .”  The list would take over an hour to recite.  People would be smiling and laughing.  I hope it inspires them to go out and have some fun of their own.

Why should we ever stop having fun?  I plan to have fun until fun is no longer possible.  Then I will be ready to move on.  Turn in this body and see what is next.  How can it not be great?  Perhaps even greater than this life.  But until then, I plan to have as much fun as humanly possible.

See ya on down the trail. . .




Fun is Awesome: Cedar Mesa, UT Part 5 — 3 Comments

  1. What you just posted is awesome. You have a great outlook on life and the pursuit of happiness. I am so happy that you are not only a part of Val’s life but my life also. When is your book coming out?



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