No words: Cedar Mesa Part 3

Cedar Mesa 4

No Words: Cedar Mesa Part 3

Camp 2:37pm

This is the Utah of my dreams.  Everywhere I look is blue sky and orange sandstone.  Tonight, my camp is purely on slickrock.  I’m surrounded on all sides by enormous cliffs, hundreds of feet high.  A cool, clear stream flows just outside my camp.  Now I have the rest of the day to sit and contemplate the cliffs with plenty of tea to drink.  I’m sitting in the shade of a juniper.  The tea tastes extraordinary.  It feels blazing hot in the sun, but in the shade it is perfect.  A raven croaks above.  The breeze blows the hair on my arms and legs.  Clouds on the horizon now.  Big puffy white clouds.  They’re the first clouds I’ve seen.  A lizard sits on a rock nearby.  He’s eyeing me with caution.  Oddly enough, he’s now coming toward me.  I can now see that his sides are red.  His underside is green.  I suppose he’s hunting.  I don’t make a move.  Then, for no apparent reason, he darts off across the rock.

Cedar Mesa 5

To be bathed in this much silence all at once is pure indulgence.  This type of pure silence is so rare elsewhere.  Silence amplifies sound.  When there is no sound to amplify, silence amplifies everything.  When there is a sound, let me just say WOW!  I think I hear a gunshot, only to find it is just my cooking pot ticking in the heat of the sun.  I think I hear a whole family coming up the canyon, only to find it’s only a small flea buzzing by.  I hear laughing and it’s the distant crying of a raven floating on the wind.  But it’s mostly the lack of sound that’s so loud.  One must experience this to understand what I mean.  The mind can naturally sit still, because this type of silence is so captivating, that the mind focuses on it.  Yet it is simultaneously focusing on nothing.  Source is let in.  Now it is all I feel.  Life force energy surrounds me as well as everything around me.  The air buzzes.  This buzz can actually be felt through the body.  The light becomes intensified.  Colors more vivid.  But instead of harshness, I feel love.  Love that is difficult to contain.  Can I love too much?  What will happen?  And so I turn down the volume just a bit, more out of instinct than fear.

When the breeze picks up, I move out into the sun and sit on a rock.  The sun feels exhilarating on my back.  Clouds getting thicker on the horizon now.  Gratitude.  “You’ve waited all your life for this,” I tell myself.  Nothing else I know of is as dramatically beautiful as the Utah Desert.  The Greater Canyonlands.  No words.  No words.  No words.  No words. . .

To be continued. . .


No words: Cedar Mesa Part 3 — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Scott,
    You are right…this picture is worth a thousand words! Thanks for giving me an experience in the desert.

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