Backpacking Recipes


Freeze dried food can be easy but boring.  Here we’ll focus on preparing your own food.  Food should be flavorful, easy to prepare, filling, and nutritious.

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  1. Granola – One cup per day with powdered milk
  2. Dried Fruit – Bananas, apples, mangoes, pineapple are some of the best. About a half cup per day should be fine.
  3. Coffee & Creamer – As if there was any doubt!


  1. Mixed Nuts – Half cup per day.
  2. Jerkey – One piece per day.
  3. Dried Fruit – Half cup per day.


  1. Campspice:  Campspice is used in just about every dish.  You can vary this recipe but this is what I use:  Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, black pepper, Kosher salt (not too much), paprika.  Mix together well.  I see no need to bring an entire spice cabinet on trail.  This pretty much works for everything.
  2. Pizza – Ingredients:  Pita bread, provolone cheese (round slices), pepperoni, Boboli brand pizza sauce (comes in packable bags), bell peppers.  Preparation:  Cook pita in non-stick pan with olive oil, then add sauce, toppings, then cheese.  Top with campspice. Cover and be sure not to burn the crust.  This is my favorite camp meal and it requires no water!
  3. Mediterranean Couscous – Ingredients:  Couscous, feta cheese, sundried tomato pesto, olive oil, pine nuts, fresh spinach, campspice.  Preparation:  Cook couscous.  Stir in all ingredients and add olive oil and campspice as desired.  Ready to serve!  This is another dish that requires very little water or time.
  4. Pesto Pasta – Ingredients:  Penne pasta, pesto, mushrooms, bell pepper, parmesan cheese, olive oil, pine nuts, campspice.  Preparation:  Cook pasta and set aside.  Saute mushrooms, bell peppers, and pine nuts in olive oil.  Drain pasta and combine all ingredients together.  Ready to eat!  
  5. Bean Burritos – Ingredients:  dehydrated refried beans (you can get these at natural food stores), tortilla shells, cheddar cheese, hot sauce.  Preparation:  Boil water and add to the refried beans.  Wait one minute.  I think you can figure out the rest!  Easy, filling, and satisfying in the backcountry!
  6. Bacon Quesadillas – Ingredients:  Tortilla shells, Mexican cheese, Hormel brand pre-cooked bacon, hot sauce, bell pepper, camp spice.  Preparation:  Saute tortilla in olive oil, add cheese, bacon, campspice, and bell pepper.  Fold into a quesadilla.  Serve with hot sauce.  Mmmm, delicious.  And also requires no water!
  7. More to come. . .


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