A Funeral


Some thoughts on Grief and Loss while meditating in the desert canyons of Sedona Arizona. . .

The modern day funeral.

Strange, to say the least.  Everyone is there for everyone else.  No one is there for themselves. It’s nice to see people supporting people, but the question remains, is it better to mourn, to celebrate, or neither?  It can be difficult knowing what to feel when at a funeral.

Death is strange.  Someone is there one moment, gone the next.  But are they really gone?  Were the ever really here?  If everything exists in only this moment, then they exist as a memory.  They exist only as a loving connection to GOD, and the mystery of all that IS.

Is this not all they ever were?

When they were 1000 miles away, or even in the next room, did they exist then?  How do we know?  What about when we slept, or just blinked?  Did they exist then?

My conclusion is an overwhelming YES!

They did exist.  Even when we couldn’t see them.  Even when we couldn’t touch them, or hear them.  In the same way that they exist NOW.

They exist as an extension of ourselves, and as a unique perspective of LOVE, GOD, and SOURCE.

So if they always have existed, and always will exist, why do we create death in our lives?

It’s our movie.  Is it not?

Perhaps we create death as a reminder of our eternal nature.  If no one ever died, how could we connect to the greater mystery of life?  How could we see beyond the physical realm?  How could we ever concieve that there is more to life than what we can see, hear, touch, or smell.


Grief is a powerful emotion.  The loss of a loved one, a pet, or a dream can be incredibly overwhelming.  Wilderness as well as guided meditation can be quite theraputic when dealing with the emotion of Grief and Loss.  

For a free 20 minute guided meditation that gives you the chance to reconnect with your beloveds and complete with them at a very deep level, visit www.movethroughgrief.com.

~Scott Stillman


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